Sales growth during (2005- 2010) > 234.5%
Productivity growth 342% in 2005-2010 (Cement), expected to be more 596% in 2011 after Pioneer acquisition in Jan 2011.


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Welcome to Raysut Cement Company (RCC):

RCC (MSM:RCCI) is within the Gulf countries a leading regional producer of cement, and the biggest producer in Oman, and United Arab Emirates.

In Jun 2011, RCC acquired 50% ownership in Oman Portuguese Cement Products Company LLC, located in Sohar:Oman PEIE area, OPCP was set up in 2007 with the facility to produce Ready Mix, Pre-cast Concrete, Blocks, Interlock paving etc. By joining as equal partner in the company, Raysut Cement has met one of its long standing needs to be part of the total solution in the concrete business.

In Jan 2011, RCC acquired
100% ownership in Pioneer Cement Company located in Ras Al Khaimah (UAE), at a cost of over USD 172 Million (Cement production capacity of 1.7 Million Tons, Clinker production capacity of 1.25 Million Tons).

RCC further operates in Yemen with two cement receiving terminals in the East and South of the country, through 49% ownership of Mukalla Raysut Cemet Company (Hadrmout Mukalla, Aden).

RCC’s rated annual production capacity runs at
4.7 Million tones produced in state-of-the-art facilities. RCC’s products range from Ordinary Portland Cement to high Sulphate resisting cements, to Oil Well Class G cements with API certification, to special blended cements to be used in Oil/Gas well drillings.

RCC employs almost
900 people in Oman and Yemen, UAE.

RCC ranks 11th in terms of revenues among the top 20 Omani corporations at the Muscat Securities Market and 1st in profits as  % of revenues, 1st in profits as % of assets and 5th in share price growth (Oman Economic Review, May 2008).



Top 20 trophy in Oman:2010.

Path to Excellence:2010, 2011.

RCC in Eurasia Industry Magazine Page 2-3, Page 4-5

RCC at a Glance .pdf.


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